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NEW!!! Emmi-Pet® Care Ultrasonic attachments P2 Emmi-Pet® Anwendungen aus der Praxis für die neuen emmi pet Ultraschallaufsätze P2... Care P2 1

Emmi®-PetIdeally suited for a gentle skin and coat hygiene.

The Emmi-Pet® Care P2 - Ultrasonic heads - the logical extension of our innovative emmi-pet technology. Through years of research into the ultrasound and the positive experience from our partners we have the Emmi-Pet® Care P2 Ultrasonic heads developed for the external use with animals. In conjunction with the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for pets Emmi-Pet® Care P2 Ultrasonic heads work with 84 million air vibrations per minute. We would like to communicate the experience our partner Sandra Lorenz. Sandra Lorenz is successful dog breeder of Little Diamonds of the Paradise Farm and has amazing results observed with the Emmi-Pet® Care P2 essays and Ultrasound in many dogs.

  • mrs. Lorenz has been using a prototype of Emmi-Pet® Care very successfully at Arthrose on. Likewise, at a Chihuahua female dog with a Extrem-Stoppwho had breathing problems as a result. Due to the stop the nasal secretion did not run off, the female dog was "permanently cold" and did not get good air, which often led to oxygen shortage with seizures at night. Mrs. Lorenz told us that the secretion flowed off on the spot due to the ultrasonic treatment in the nose area, the paranasal sinuses and frontal sinuses and the female dog was absolutely symptom-free after a few days. Mrs Lorenz recommends continuous application.
  • Also with tonsillitis Mrs. Lorenz has gained experience with Emmi-Pet® care for puppies. She told us about a puppy who could hardly swallow or eat. The almonds were palpably clearly enlarged. Mrs. Lorenz sounded several times a day, as long as the puppy allowed it, inside she gave Globuli + KS. Externally, she only used Emmi-Pet® Care in conjunction with the ultrasound gel for animals. After the first application the puppy was almost painless, after 4 days completely painless. Mrs. Lorenz continued this treatment for another week or so. Mrs. Lorenz explained to us that tonsillitis is a treacherous disease in puppies. Overlooking these leads permanently to enlarged almonds. In mini dogs, as bred by Mrs. Lorenz, tonsillitis can lead to death.

Bei beginnendem Milchstau

  • Mrs. Lorenz has also used the Emmi-Pet® care with a nursing female dog. She applied the ultrasound at regular intervals throughout the day. The starting milk jam broke up immediately. Ms. Lorenz advises, however to continue to apply the ultrasound.

With Mastitis
with a female dog with a fever, Mrs. Lorenz proceeded as follows: Apply from the outside every 2 hours approx. 10 minutes. On the first day the fever dropped, the female dog showed a clear improvement. On the second day, the fever was gone, the swelling, congestion, and signs of inflammation had decreased significantly. On the third day, the bitch was fit again - no more signs of inflammation. However, in the case of mastitis, which is very painful, Mrs. Lorenz advises continuing to use ultrasound so that the puppies can continue to be suckled permanently.

  • ticks
    everybody knows the problem, the head of a tick gotten stuck. So also with Ms. Lorenz. She tells us: When shaving a poodle she has shaved a tick and the head got stuck, leading to a slight inflammation. Multiple times a day mrs. Lorenz applied a minute or two the area with Emmi®-Pet care, which led to the conclusion that the inflammation disappeared and did not occur again.

Conclusion by Sandra Lorenz:
Die emmi-pet Care P2 und the Ultrasound gel work in combination almost as a general-purpose product that no animal owner should be without in the first aid assortment. The ultrasound is perfectly transmitted, even through longer dog hair! I have tested both extensively on our dogs and I am 100% convinced and enthusiastic. In dogs with a long coat, it is recommended to parting the coat before treatment in order to partially achieve the effect of ultrasound in combination with the ultrasound gel. Another important tip. In my experience, even after the first improvement, the treatment should be continued so that there is no setback. This was my mistake in the early days."

Emmi-Pet® Anwendungen aus der Praxis für die neuen emmi pet Ultraschallaufsätze P2... Set Gel Care Aufsaetze neu

Interesting facts for all dog lovers
Dog skin has a higher pH than human skin: While the human skin has a sour pH of 4.1 to 5.8 is the pH even slightly for dogs in the neutral range of 7 or (about basic). For this reason, the dogs skin requires special care.

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