Claudia Franke Shows success with Emmi-Pet

Super Video First application emmi-Pet dog toothbrush.

In this video our partner Claudia Franke shows from Düsseldorf shows how, with the patented emmi-pet® Ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs successfully removes tartar with Manja. The most important difference wat is made clear here by Claudia is that you when you remove tartar for the first time, you have to remain longer with the emmi-pet on the same spot. In the emmi®-pet Guide explains that one should remain only 10 seconds for a job. That's right, if you do a regular maintenance treatment to bend further calculus growth front. However, during heavy tartar infestation it takes more time. Watch the video at that! Claudia also makes clear why the emmi®-pet is good when you rather not have bad odor: Ultrasound in combination with water as a medium and the specially developed ultrasonic toothpaste generates micro air bubbles which implode und that removes the dirt or deposits from the teeth At the same time it destroys the cell walls of the bacteria, Which is not consistent for this with their lives. Are they close to Dusseldorf? Visits Claudia in her dog salon! Münsterstr. 342 40470 Düsseldorf (Mörsenbroich) North Rhine-Westphalia Tel. +49 (0) 211 862 9500 Order you can use the emmi®-pet Products with this partner-link of Claudia: [LINK]

Success with the emmi-pet patented ULTRASOUND toothbrush for dogs

Success with the emmi-pet patented ULTRASOUND toothbrush for dogs

Toothstone (tartar) Removal from Manja by Claudia Franke with Emmi

Here you can see very well how the plaque removal at Manja goes.