emmi-pet dog toothbrush | Gently and without brushes | Tartar way!

New Year package emmi-Ultrasonic
Waited until 2020 to teeth their dog to have healthy? Of course we have again put together a great on-line offer. Orders get through our link at Emmi and another 10 euros on it! They look after!

Professionelle Zahnhygiene für Tiere

The world's first 100% ultrasonic toothbrush for animals

  • Bewegungslose und sanfte Zahnreinigung
  • Effective up to 12mm deep into the gums
  • Helps prevent Zahnfleisheunzündungen, periodontal disease, tartar and mouth odor
  • See also Video Claudia Franke in userem blog [LINK]:

Healthy teeth - healthy animal

Profylaxe ist der beste Schutz

At the age of about two years, 80% of dogs show the first signs of dental disease. Smaller breeds are more affected because their teeth are often placed too tight or wrong. Through the newly developed ultrasonic tooth brush of emmi-pet you can effectively clean the teeth and plaque remove. This will take precautions against:

  • Parodontitis
  • Chronische Maulhöhlenerkrankungen
  • rather not have
  • Anesthesia at the vet for Tartardistance can be avoided.

zahnstein emmi-pet Hunde Zahnbürste | Sanft und ohne zu bürsten‎ | Zahnstein Weg! Profylaxe ist der Beste Schutz

Bewegungslos und Lautlos

The bristles guide the ultrasound from the ultrasonic generator directly into the ultrasonic toothpaste, Where it forms the ultrasonic millions of microscopic bubbles that remove impurities such as by implosion eating leftovers, tartar, germs and bacteria. In addition, the ultrasound to 12 mm penetrates deep into the gums and kills bacteria, leading to a therapeutic effect - without side effects - leads. Through regular use of emmi-pet of foot odor is reduced, which increases blood flow in the gums and healing processes activated. zahnstein emmi-pet Hunde Zahnbürste | Sanft und ohne zu bürsten‎ | Zahnstein Weg! Pet Flyer Liebe Mein Tier 2018 02 14 1453

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in pain, stress and anesthetic risk!

Thousands of enthusiastic users have already made positive Erfahrugnen with emmi-pet:

Ein strahlendes Gebiss without tartar, Healthier gums and mouth odor less!

User examples:

Hündin mit Zahnproblemen

Rights bite half with much of plaque formed and already strong gingivitis. (vor der Erstbehandlung mit emmi-pet)

The result after the first 5-minute treatment. Tartar and plaque have already fallen visible, thick coverings were noticeably thinner.

After 4 x 5-minute dental treatments with emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush: dental plaque and tartar are greatly diminished. Likewise, so clearly the decline in gingivitis can be observed two already loose teeth were almost back.

Hund mit starker Paradontitis und Zahnstein

After 21 days of treatment with emmi-pet: gums, less tartar regresses.

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Terrier mit starken Zahnsteinproblemen

After sonication of baking the cog in short intervals, the tartar plates were down pushed with a finger nail.

emmi-pet is weiterempfolen!

Empfohlen von Tierärzten

Die regelmäßige Reinigung ist das wichtigste Mittel um Zahnerkran­kungen zu vermeiden. Dies ist keine einfache Aufgabe für Tierhalter, aber die Gesundheit des Tiergebisses lohnt den geringen Aufwand allemal. Mit emmi-pet wird die Zahnreinigung der Tiere fast zu einem Vergnügen. Die Reinigung mit emmi-pet erfolgt geräusch-, bewegungslos und ohne Druck. Die Ultraschallwellen erledi­gen die Arbeit. ,,Bürsten” ist nicht not wendig. Ultraschallwellen reinigen wirkungsvoller als klassische Zahnbürsten und Ultraschall vernichtet die Bakterien, selbst in Zahnfleischtaschen.

Empfohlen von Hundebesitzern

Nelly accepts the application of emmi-pet without any problems. The application is as simple as 1-2-3. She is gentle and soothing to our dogs. Otherwise, they had to even be brought to the vet in the year where a professional cleaning was performed under general anesthesia. zahnstein emmi-pet Hunde Zahnbürste | Sanft und ohne zu bürsten‎ | Zahnstein Weg! Pet Flyer Nelly Now I finally have a realistic and much gentler alternative.

  • Motionless, silent and gentle cleansing
  • Reinigt Zahnfleischtaschen und wirkt bis tief ins Zahnfleisch
  • Ultrasound with 96 million vibrations per minute

Emmi-pet ist ein zertifiziertes und tierschutzgerechtes Produkt

Geprüfter Tierschutz

The Emmi -pet was in 2016 by the Center for Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare (FTT) certified in Austria as a humane method of product and received the official animal welfare label. zahnstein emmi-pet Hunde Zahnbürste | Sanft und ohne zu bürsten‎ | Zahnstein Weg! Powerpoint TierSchutz 2018 02 14 1556 Das gesamte Gutachten finden Sie unter www.tierschutzkonform.at

4 good reasons for the animal protection mark

  1. Legal certainty - products that carry the Blue Angel Tierschutzkenn- match guaranteed the Austrian animal protection regulations.
  2. TierWohl - Labeled products give animals protection and well-being.
  3. Quality standard - The independent review by the special office guarantees compliance with animal welfare regulations.
  4. The sign for animal welfare - products bearing protection mark the animal, put a visible sign of animal welfare.